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F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man

F-Day: The book is finally here!

F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man has just been released on Amazon! F-Day is a story of transition - a fictional account of events leading to a world beyond money. Within days of its release, the book already entered Amazon's Kindle top 100 and has earned a five star rating!

This is a mainstream novel with a powerful message. If you like the idea of a world without money and want to see just how easily transition could happen, then this book is for you.

If you can, please buy it, review it, share it and let's get the word out there.. Thank you.

What is F-Day?

F-Day = Free Day = The day when the world's largest economy revokes the monetary market system in favour of a collaborative, technological society based in nature, community and compassion.

The F-Day Clock is counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until this day arrives - a day that will mark the emancipation of mankind from monetary and debt slavery, and will herald a more enlightened age of freedom and abundance, where every person is free to reach their full potential in congress with nature. The F-Day Clock and this vision of freedom is inspired and shared by many notable organisations like The Free World Charter, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, New Earth Nation, Ubuntu Liberation Movement, to name but a few. (Please research these organisations for more information)

The F-Day Clock target is currently December 27, 2051, but this is subject to change as events in the world dictate. The clock is run by a small team of experts who are monitoring the global situation and periodically adjusting the target date accordingly. Click on 'Clock Updates' to see what changes have been made and why.

Clock Updates

The F-Day target date is changed periodically to reflect world events. Here are the latest changes:

13/11/2020: Moneyless groups survey - NEW DATE
On surveying the opinions of 517 members of various moneyless groups, the date has been revised based on their average estimates to December 27, 2051. (See survey)

23/02/2018: Freeworlder site, -10 days
Free-sharing site went live. Also the rise of many similar sites give rise to the belief that sharing is becoming a more important part of people's daily lives

23/02/2018: Jeremy Rifkin, -10 days
The release of Jeremy Rifkin's 'The Third industrial Revolution' brings many ideas of the sharing economy right into mainstream politics and economic thinking.

12/10/2014: Clock started
On discussion with members of the panel, the target date has been initially set to 04/07/2040, 25 years hence. Currently our belief is that while much change is required, the rapid rise of online 'free' or 'awakening' movements is such that some significant awakening moment is on the way, as people become aware of the true powerlessness of Governments to effect meaningful change, and the perpetual injustice of the market system. Colin Turner

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